Watch the romantic 23:23 video for ‘Letters’

A lovely parting video from 23:23 

Although 23:23 are on indefinite hiatus, they have left us this small treasure in the form of Ina Mikkola‘s lovely video for the yearning duet of ‘Letters’. When we first released ‘Letters’ as the lead single from the final 23:23 release, the beautiful EP To Die On A Faraway Island With You we said; “‘Letters’, find’s 23:23’s Rami Vierula in duet mode. Ringa Manner (The Hearing, Pintandwefall) provides a suitable foil to Rami’s longing for his unanswered letters, “Boy you should listen up now, i don’t want to be mean“​. Fuzzy guitar noise and sweet interchanges makes ‘Letters’ all the more involving. Yes, this could be the dream-pop like Nancy & Lee we’ve been waiting for all our lives.” We still feel the same, but now Mikkola’s video add’s another thread of romance to ‘Letters’ wistful playfulness, whilst giving an LA feel (and a slight not to Frank Sidebottom) to 23:23’s nocturnal adventures.

Music by 23:23 featuring The Hearing

Boy – Randal Kirk II
Girl – Juliana Correa
Dogs – Link & Kirby

Director & Writer & Editor – Ina Mikkola
Art Director & Costume designer – Ina Mikkola
Producers – Randal Kirk II & Ina Mikkola
VFX & Color: F. S. Rizzo
Cinematographer Brett Kerr

WYMA “The songs he writes and performs for 23:23 are lo-fi, nocturnal musings, dreamy and intimate.The combination of ’60s pop duet and fuzz rock soundtrack is very affecting.”

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photo by Hanna-Leena Vierula