Watch The Holy ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ video

The Holy’s haunting new video is out now

Memories and our own process of remembering always stand at odds with what actually happened. We all have our own take. The Holy‘s ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ plays honest catch up with that simple truth that the passing of time can blunt our collective experiences. Nina Karlsson and Annukka Pakarinen‘s video for the track also brings heavy nostalgia juxtaposed with the hear and now. Big cars on highways contrast with nature’s rambling trails, the visuals perfectly accompanying Can’t Remember Your Name‘s mournful epicness.

Mixed by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm
Recorded and Produced by Eetu Henrik Iivari at The Elk Room studio, Helsinki.
Director & DoP: Nina Karlsson & Annukka Pakarinen Special thanks to: Leena & Erkki Lehtonen

Nina and Annukka elaborate on the video: “The music video portrays two different experiences of place and memory. A young man’s journey from Canada in the 1960’s is captured on cine film. Wonder and awe of the strange and unknown. Our material, in turn, takes Eetu Henrik Iivari to his familiar childhood landscapes. To a place where every field, yard and building contains countless memories and stories.”

The Holy’s frontman Eetu Henrik Iivari, who features prominently, goes deeper:
/// Small town, restless youth, nightless nights, best friends 4ever and endless summers. All that makes perfect soil to seed some blind faith, love and unreasonable despair what will follow you the rest of the life. The song is a trip to those years of youth where the first big emotions were founded, first bones were broken and the first kisses were given. The name of the song is also bringing together the lightness of those events now when they are just random memories “i remember you used to love me more than life but im sorry, i can’t remember your fucking name”. Youth is beautiful and i will probably write two hundred songs about it more. /// -Eetu Henrik Iivari


I Can’t Remember Your Name is take from The Holy’s debut EP More Escher and Random Notes