Soliti to Reissue Sister Flo Tragician’s Hat, 10th Anniversary Edition

Soliti is proud to announce the reissue of one of our favourite album’s,  Sister Flo‘s Tragician’s Hat.

Tragician’s Hat has been cited as one of the landmarks of Finnish indiepop, this timely release gives you the chance to fall in love again.  Sister Flo‘s masterpiece is turning 10 years old this September and to celebrate the occasion, on the 12th September 2014,  Soliti will be issuing a  remastered version of the album.

Tragician’s Hat will be available in three versions: double cd (Ltd to 500 copies), vinyl (Ltd to 300 copies) & digital. It will be the first time Tragician’s Hat appears on vinyl with the double cd release featuring the original remastered album from 2004 plus a plethora of outtakes and hard to find tracks: Proper Kites EP tracks and 5 (!) unreleased songs from the original album sessions, a radio spot and two live performances. All versions of the album come packaged with the wonderful original artwork by Ilja Karsikas.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come (pre-order links coming soon!)

Watch a Lyric video for White Noise

Listen to the re-master of Sister Flo‘s  White Noise

Listen to unreleased Tragician’s Hat track  All The Sunshine Comes From Your Smile

Sister Flo 2004. Promo picture for Tragician's Hat anniversary r

Sister Flo Tragicain’s Hat Anniversary Edition (Soliti Retro 001)

CD1: Tragician’s Hat Re-mastered original recordings

  • four souls
  • white noise
  • bill and jesus (black)
  • shortcuts 4
  • september + 2
  • guillotine 6
  • feathers
  • tina turner shitting position
  • they’d better build a dam to field island
  • nathaniel & isabel

CD2: Unreleased & Rarities, Anniversary Edition Extras

  • tragician’s hat radio helsinki ad
  • all the sunshine comes from your smile
  • baby love
  • plunder island turnaround
  • major ill
  • i’m not someone who can break your heart
  • moustache
  • photo is a transformer
  • first plow of the winter
  • rumbanova
  • nathaniel & isabel (live)
  • bill & jesus (live)

NB. Bonus CD tracks will only be available from the double cd edition of Tragician’s Hat!

all songs by sister flo

janne lastumäki, antti kaistinen,
samae koskinen, mikko salonen, jarno alho

Sister Flo on FB

White Noise on NRGM’s song list

Sister Flo 2004. Promo picture for Tragician's Hat anniversary r

Photo’s & artwork Ilja Karsikas.