• Catalogue No: SOLITI 096
  • Artist: Pintandwefall
  • Title: Seventh Baby
  • Format: Vinyl/Digital
  • Released: 25/02/2022


  • 1.Aihai
  • 3.Tuesday No Brain
  • 4. The Thunderstorm
  • 5. Home Alone, Sane
  • 6.Clues
  • 7.Cannot Stay, Cannot Go
  • 8.Friendly Hand
  • 9.Hard Work
  • 10.Dust Maker
  • 11. Last Minutes
  • 12.Mostly Me
    Produced, recorded and mixed by Liisa Tani, recorded at Pihastudio 2021
    Mastered by Pekka Tuomi
    Cover photo by Hetta Inari Komi
    Cover design by Seidi GuzejevPintandwefall tells us of Seventh Baby “We started sending each other demos after the pandemic started and our previous album tour got cut short, and a lot of the songs coincidentally dealt with different aspects of everyday life with an absurd twist to them. We recorded the album within a 6-day period during the hottest days of early July, and it ended up becoming more guitar-driven than our previous albums, with some soft shoegaze moods in the mix. We were and are especially hyped about working with Liisa Tani, aka Sir Liselot, on this album, and her energy and unique touch can be heard throughout the songs. Also, it was about time to have an all female panel in the studio! We hope you will love listening to Seventh Baby as much as we loved making it <3″