Knife Girl – Like Someone In Love

  • Catalogue No: SOLITI 085
  • Artist: Knife Girl
  • Title: Like Someone In Love
  • Format: digital/ vinyl (via Vinyl Digital)
  • Released: 20/11/2020


  • 1. All I Could Say Was, “Hello”
    2. Fading Into A Crowd
    3. Before You Wake Up
    4. Everyday Life / Wandering
    5. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    6. I Try Not To Think About It
    7. Friends (ft. Blankts)
    8. Otava (ft. DF5K)
  • 9. “Happy New Year!”, I shout through a crowd of people as fireworks go off in the sky. Can you hear me?
    10. I Can’t Always Be There For You
    11. Before You Fade Away
    12. And My Life Turned Around
    13. Pictures (ft. Tämä)

The album features a collection of previously unreleased tracks recorded by Knife Girl under the  olli moniker  years ago and surfacing on their soundcloud around 2016.  The album has a series of collaborations with the likes DF5KBlankts and Tämä.