Ocelot – Unelmoi Ep

  • Catalogue No:  Soliti 086
  • Artist: Ocelot
  • Title: Unelmoi
  • Format: Digital
  • Released: 12.02.2021





Songwriting, arrangements and composing: Emilia Pennanen
Piano and vocals: Emilia Pennanen
Arrangements and composing: Rasmus Pietilä
Bass, percussion and backing vocals: Rasmus Pietilä
Drums, percussion and parts of lyrics: Victor von Hellens
Recording and mixing Rasmus Pietilä
Mastering Philip Granqvist
Cover art Emilia Pennanen


“A Year of dreaming and playing

“Unelmoi EP – was made during the year of 2020. The songs were born, developed and recorded at a different pace, at different times and in different places. Most of the material took form in a so-called free and outward-facing “pre-covid-19” world, but was then developed and worked on in a more enclosed and introverted space. In the lyrics, as well as, in songwriting we wanted to explore new themes. The intention was to break away from the arrogant perspective of the human and give way to the subconscious and the non-human. Nature and dreams are therefore very present on the EP. On the Unelmoi EP, each song is its own world, its own butterfly, its own moment. It is pieces put together from a year of dreaming and playing. The title Unelmoi translates in English to “dreaming/to dream/dream.”