Knife Girl – Uniform

  • Catalogue No: Soliti 101
  • Artist: Knife Girl
  • Title: Uniform
  • Format: Vinyl, Digital
  • Released: 23/09/2022



  • Stop Time
    The Good Times Are Coming Your Way
    Ready For Love
    Never Let Go
    Precocious Baby
    On The Line
    Brain Dead (Just Do It)
    Will This Catch The Algorithm


Produced and Arranged by Lili Aslo
Songs 1-7 by Lili Also.
“Will This Catch The Algorithm” written by Lili Aslo, composed by the band.
“Whisper” by Atta + Himera, with additional parts written by Lili Aslo.
Recorded at Art Lab Studios Helsinki.
Engineered by Nick Triani and Lili Aslo.
Mixed by Lili Aslo
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova
Cover art by Maia Kavasto

The Band
Kalle Kauranen: Bass
Joona Kinnunen: Drums, Bongo
Anttoni Hill: Guitar
Eetu Tuominen: Guitar
Laura Salmenkallio: Guitar
Reko Kälkäjä: Piano, Synth
Aapo Soulanto: Saxophone, Synth.

Knife Girl describes Uniform as a more thought out songwriting process compared to other Knife Girl releases, a mature summation of the Knife Girl sound up to this point. Different lyrical themes mix with fun loving musicians who wanted to explore Knife Girl’s more overtly rock inspirations. Uniform acts as a perfect balm to the often genre defying concepts that Knife Girl has forged with her career this far, a more refined and grand central statement.