Ghosts on TV – Ghosts on TV

  • Catalogue No: Soliti 104
  • Artist: Ghosts on TV
  • Title: Ghosts on TV
  • Format: Digital, CD, Cassette
  • Released: 14/04/2023


  • 1.The Rose Provides The Bees With Honey
    2. Life In Plastic
    3. Routines
    4. Sheets Of Blue
    5. Sunshine
    6. A Generation Of Pain
    7. Muljutus
    8. In Flux


Produced by Ghosts on TV
Recorded by Alec Havinmaa at Artlab Studios
Mixed by Alec Havinmaa
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova

*Cassette released by Need Money For Records

The second long play from Ghosts on TV, self titled – is out now via Soliti. The band tell us:
“When we began making our sophomore studio album it took a more multifaceted and arguably scattered form compared to our previous efforts. In doing so, however, it also began to branch out into new territories and transcend what we previously have sonically built on. Forming something that has a bit of everything but pushed forward and very much in the present. This is why we felt that this album should be our self-titled album, it is a concrete statement of our band and our roots as it stands today.
After I Am Not Dead, I Am 55 Today we knew that we wanted to do a more ”traditional” album which consists of several songs and several moods. Perhaps the most evident change between albums is the return of vocals. We also experimented and expanded our sound with blast beats, slowcore, shoegaze and ballad influences. Of course the album has to also have one 12-minute heavy kraut rock track that repeats the same riff over and over again. This is also our first studio album with Aaro Tirronen, who joined the band as our new third guitarist in January 2021. His personality and playing style has brought a welcomed breath of fresh air to the ancient musk that is Ghosts on TV.”