• Catalogue No: Soliti 095
  • Artist: Color Dolor
  • Title: Blurry Things
  • Format: Digital album
  • Released: 26/11/2021


  • Moon in my Room
    Dream of You
    Blurry Things
    Free As A Bird
    It’s Okay
    Sudden Change
    The Void

Music & Lyrics by Color Dolor
Music production by Leissi, Co-production by Artturi Taira and Stina Koistinen
Music mixed by Paavo Malmberg and Mastered by Tommi Langen
Leissi: Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums, Percussion, Programming and Backing Vocs
Stina: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Synth, Piano
Cover by Stina Koistinen

Color Dolor announce their fourth long player, Blurry Things which arrives via Soliti on the 26th November 2021. The duo of Color Dolor,  Stina Koistinen and Leissi say the new record was a culmination of ideas that felt spontaneous. “First takes. Unfinished. Not overproducing, or overthinking, not rehearsing. Trying to leave things as they first came out, demo like.” explains Leissi. Stina continues “Mainly we wanted to make fragile and humane music with elements of vocals, guitars and electronics. We wanted to keep first takes, flaws, noises that may have come that we didn’t plan or wish for. We wanted to keep it alive and breathing. The name of the album, Blurry Things, was a carrying theme throughout the album making process. Most things in our world are blurry.”