• Catalogue No: Soliti 078
  • Artist: Cats Of Transnistria
  • Title: Aligning
  • Format: digital / vinyl
  • Released: 29th November 2019


  • 1. Mountain High
  • 2. Vampire
  • 3. Born Again
  • 4. The Light
  • 5. Wild Herbs
  • 6. Aligning


Mountain: Guitar Tuomas, synth & vocals Henna, violin Sanna
Vampire: Guitar (acoustic & electric) & piano Tuomas, synth & vocals Henna, violin Sanna
Born Again: Guitar, piano Tuomas, synth & vocals (incl. beat) Henna, violin Sanna
Light: Guitar Tuomas, synth, piano & vocals Henna, violin Sanna
Wild Herbs: Guitar (acoustic & electric) & vocals Henna, guitar Tuomas, violin Sanna
Aligning: Guitar Tuomas, piano & vocals Henna, violin Sanna

All music composed by Henna & Tuomas and arranged by Henna, Tuomas & Sanna except ‘Wild Herbs’ composed by Henna and arranged by Tuomas and Sanna.

All lyrics by Henna.

Recorded by Nick Triani & Tuomas Alatalo
Mixed by Tuomas Alatalo
Mastered by Markus Leminen

There are multiple layers of sound creating immersive worlds. Although the music is slow and soft, they also like the sound to be sometimes rough, sharp and stained on the edges. All the scratches and screeches can often be as important and interesting as the chords, riffs and melodies. There is no beauty without dirt.