Astrid Swan : D/other

  • Catalogue No: SOLITI 093
  • Artist: Astrid Swan
  • Title: D/other
  • Format: Vinyl. CD and Digital
  • Released: 08/10/2021



  • Drift
    Silvi’s Dream
    Not Your Mom
    True Love
    Luxuries (watch)
    Joking After the Apocalypse
    In the Woods
    Tragedy & Art

Composition and lyrics: Astrid Swan
Vocals, bvs, piano, acoustic guitar – Astrid Swan
Guitars –Mikael Hakkarainen
Horns, keys – Johannes Salomaa
Drums – Alina Toivanen
Bass, bvs – Veli Kauppinen
Strings arranged and performed by Owen Pallett
Production: Astrid Swan
Recording: Mikael Hakkarainen
Additional recording: Astrid Swan
Mixing: Mikael Hakkarainen
Mastering: Philip Shaw Bova, Bova Lab Studio.

D/other finds Astrid Swan writing about motherhood, dreaming and sleeping – realising her most complete and personal musical statement yet. Composed over the course of the last five years, the stories Swan tells over the 10 songs of D/other cover themes of dream-states, mothering, loss, creativity, digital vs analog, feminism and relationships. D/other was produced by Swan herself. Her long time collaborator Mikael Hakkarainen recorded and mixed the album. Along with Hakkarainen and Swan’s trusted musical partners Alina Toivanen, Veli Kauppinen and Johannes Salomaa, the Canadian visionary Owen Pallett performs and arranges the strings for D/other.