Love Sport are a four-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Although the members of the band are mainly known from their other projects, Love Sport has been steadily releasing music for six years, making And Justice for All their fourth release and second full length album. Love Sport’s sound could be described with words like spontaneous and timeless. In the effortlessly tangled guitar arrangements you can hear that Teemu Tanner (lead vocals, guitar) and Mikko Sulonen (guitar) have been playing together for almost two decades. The steady, economic, and driving rhythm section consists of drummer Max Mäkinen and bass player Aki Pohjankyrö.

Of the new album, LOVE SPORT informs us ; In the year 2020 you could ask “where can alternative rock can go?”, if it doesn’t want to abandon its electric guitar-bass-drums dynamic? Is looking at the past, at the genre’s tradition, the only way? Maybe, but bands like Love Sport are showing that there are still places to explore and much to squeeze out of that tradition. The new album doesn’t take the listener back to any “golden days of indie rock” –instead it channels the energy, presence, and vision of four friends playing music together. Isn’t that what bands are all about? Live or on the record. Here and now.



WYMA “It consists of seven tracks of substantial, hook-filled, crunchy, noisy alternative rock. Each song has good pop bones, but the band does not rest until each song is fleshed out as a white hot, live performance crowd-pleaser”

Austin Town Hall “My standout favorite was “Life’s a Joke” at the beginning; it kind of reminds me of the Men if they were to bring on more of a pop flavor. “Keying Cars” was a nice little twist too, tossing in this slow burning ballad that brims with pop sensibility. Walking away, “Giant Hoof” might also be my favorite jam…those guitars falling off the tracks, only to be reined in by the vocals! And Justice for All has a little something for everybody!”

Päivän Biisit “The garage rock-tinted Karkkiautomaatti meets Pavement atmosphere of the song is perhaps closest to the records of singer/guitarist Teemu Tanner’s Kynnet band, and certainly a good way for many Kynnet fans to get to know the great production of Love Sport as well.”

RUMBA “The album And Justice For All is a concise package of seven tracks that can take repeated listens”

Soundi “When searching for ghosts of alternative rock and powerpop, Love Sport are more reminiscent of the early 1990s Flaming Lips or the most melodic side of the Pixies “

Desibeli “The close cooperation between the string instruments and the vocals, which makes the sound landscape very
congruent across the record, also deserves praise.”

Aura Pastrana ” This Rock has power but it does not burst your ears, it caresses you. I applaud “round” records, which you can listen to in order, in disorder, from beginning to end, from end to beginning.”

Nordische Musik “Rebellion with the crackling guitar noise is timeless!”

Mystic Sons “Finnish outfit preview their new album with this smooth and driven indie-rock jam, with nods to The War On Drugs”

Cereal + Sounds “Pair with Unicorn Froot Loops”

Nordic Music Review “…it’s a reminder that the band’s sound has matured, ‘meatier’ guitars, strengthened and more confident sounding vocals, but similar to all their tracks, ‘Life’s a joke’ is still tuneful indie rock, with the same vibrancy and energy that I’ve always liked. It just always sounds like these guys are having great fun writing and recording songs together”

Indie 30 “‘Life’s A Joke’ also sees the return of the bands empathetic and uncompromising observations on the current state of the human condition. Delivered through Tanner’s deductive and measured vocal, the single zeroes in on life in an age where corporations dominate mainstream discourse and have control of governments.”

“Electric pop euphoria spiced with intense vocals and squeaky guitars – The Byrds on E! ” Turn Up The volume

“Specific and sophisticated avenues of the 1990s indie off of the Oregon shorelines trail themselves into Love Sport in 2016. The landscape is both organically and ironically Scandinavian. The music is comforting, yet playful.” One Quart Magazine

“This [Goodbye Brains] is a melodic guitar-based track with an excellent catchy chorus, very appropriated for the summer season. Just pop song 101, but it got me all excited and looking forward to hearing more”. Rosvot

“Gorgeous guitar rock from up and coming Helsinki based rockers Love Sport. You are gonna fall hard for their latest riff-tastic tune Meat Moon” Diamond Deposits. 

LOVE SPORT created a playlist which you can find via One Quart Magazine, whilst One Chord To Another featured And Justice For All via their weekly playlist.