Love Sport continue their easygoing and spontaneous journey into the realm of skittish guitar music that they started 3 years ago. After two EP’s (released in 2014 & 2015), the group is now back with a full length album Dull Tracks.  Dull Tracks contains 8 tracks/32 minutes of playful rock music inspired by bands and artists like R.E.M, Joan Of Arc, Sheryl Crow & Treepeople. The theme of the album is loosely based on the play ‘The Pitchfork Disney‘ by Philip Ridley.

Love Sport is Max Mäkinen, Aki Pohjankyrö, Mikko Sulonen, Teemu Tanner (featuring Iiro Tulkki on keyboards).

Dull Tracks, the debut album from Love Sport is released via Soliti on the 13th April 2017.


“The combination of their melodic guitar work, instrumentally scuzzy vibes, and universally addictive vocals make these rock renegades ones to watch no matter where you live.”  cerealandsounds

“Electric pop euphoria spiced with intense vocals and squeaky guitars – The Byrds on E! ” Turn Up The volume

“Specific and sophisticated avenues of the 1990s indie off of the Oregon shorelines trail themselves into Love Sport in 2016. The landscape is both organically and ironically Scandinavian. The music is comforting, yet playful.” One Quart Magazine

“This [Goodbye Brains] is a melodic guitar-based track with an excellent catchy chorus, very appropriated for the summer season. Just pop song 101, but it got me all excited and looking forward to hearing more”. Rosvot

“Gorgeous guitar rock from up and coming Helsinki based rockers Love Sport. You are gonna fall hard for their latest riff-tastic tune Meat Moon” Diamond Deposits. 

“Love Sport just make this great noise, slightly psychedelic, with cavorting guitars, interesting lyrics and occasionally this slightly discordant unharmonious sound, which is entirely deliberate and always keeps the music fresh and original.” Nordic Music Review

“With guitar lines reminiscent of Pavement, Avi Buffalo and The Shins, it is a delightful marriage of slacker pop and jangle pop.”  While You Motor Away

“…it’s got the appeal of modern slacker indie rock, but the production is ten times better than that of someone recording in their bedroom.”  Austin Town Hall