Color Dolor

Color Dolor is an alternative pop band from Helsinki, founded in 2011 by vocalist Stina Koistinen. The band have released two albums, six music videos and played almost a hundred shows in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Norway and England.  Personal live highlights for Color Dolor include playing shows with St. Vincent and Susanne Sundfør. Color Dolor are especially known for their unique and powerful live performances.

In 2018, Color Dolor return as a duo, with longtime band stalwarts Stina and guitarist-producer Nicolas ‘Leissi’ Rehn presenting a new, streamlined vision for the band. Color Dolor joined forces with Helsinki based label Soliti to bring their third full length album Love in 2018 – the album went on to win the coveted Teosto prize.

Color Dolor have been busy collectively and individually since their LOVE album. As well as promoting that album, the duo have been involved in various projects over that time. Stina Koistinen released her very well received solo debut album as Stinako which nabbed a Nordic Music Prize Nomination. Nicolas ‘Leissi’ Rehn has been arranging and performing live with Jesse Markin and Yona – both acts recently chart success stories in Finland. The last year has seen the duo also working on the follow up to LOVE – with “Shy” being the first sound. Expect the LOVE follow up to arrive before the end of 2021.


Press reaction for Color Dolor

“…a bit like Massive Attack meets Radiohead in both the golden age and a little dub on top. Brilliant. “ Päivän Biisit

“Adventurous and dynamic, yet intimate, the album looks at love at several levels and from several perspectives, but never fails to delight and entertain.” WYMA

“I dare say that the Finnish band Color Dolor has found their direction and tone even more clearly..” Jukka Haarma

“It was with eager anticipation that we awaited the arrival of a new album from Color Dolor, and in 2018, our patience was repaid!”  Ja Ja Ja

“The duo has created a unified and at the same time multidimensional and bold sound world for the album, where different corners of friendship and love are explored.” Radio Helsinki

“The group is still fascinated by its musical ingenuity. Now the sound world is inspired by everything from prepared pianos to 80s and 90s synthesizers. The intimacy and warmth are intact when love is explored.” HBL

“…a clever, straightforward concept, beautifully executed. File under “class’.” SWIT

“Speaking of seductive voices, I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone in popular music that can match Color Dolor’s Stina Koistinen” God Is In The TV.

“No more and no less than perhaps the best song made by a Finnish band this year is here” Rumba on “Running in The Dark”