Black Twig

Black Twig are a four-piece from Helsinki, Finland. The band shares a love for melodic but noisy guitar music, updating the paisley jangle and 80s brit pop aesthetic with a dissonance reminiscent of Sonic Youth and the power pop sensibility of Teenage Fanclub.

The third full length album from Black Twig is called Blaze On A Plain and will be released via Soliti on the 15th April 2016.

Blaze on a Plain,  is our third album. The title is a reference to the place where we rehearsed, arranged, and recorded these songs during the spring of 2015, near Roihupelto and Roihuvuori, Helsinki, Finland. Of course, it’s not a record about that place. Maybe it’s more about belonging in a more universal sense: belonging to a place, a time, a culture. And as always in popular music, it’s about falling in and out of love – in love with people, places, rights and wrongs. 

This time we worked on the album over a longer period of time instead of the usual quick visit to the studio. It’s self-recorded, self-produced, self-engineered. It’s played mostly live with minimal overdubs. The vocals are more upfront and the compositions a bit more straightforward than on our previous albums. It sounds like we sound now as a band. We’ve always been quite democratic but this time it’s even more a collaborative record, with contributions from all band members.” Black Twig, February 2016

Press reaction to Black Twig’s Blaze On A Plain

  • Blaze On A Plain is a great album, where the band is paving the way towards a more brilliant future” 4/5
  • ” bursts with jangly guitar licks and slacker rhythms; it feels like the 90s got freshened up. “ The Dadada
  • “Blaze on a Plain is the perfect statement being made by Finland’s Black Twig. They’re songwriting is at the top of their game, with every member contributing greatly to the success of each song…you’ll find some real gems throughout, especially when you come across album closer, “Sunday TV.”  Austin Town Hall
  • “psychedelic songs like the archly cool and deeply relaxed »Gods«, Black Twig lift up to the manic guitar sounds to clear heights. The skies over Roihupelto must be very blue! The four of them, on “BLAZE ON A PLAIN” by the way, are, of course, not forgotten as the most successful collaborative work ever.” Nordische Musik
  • “ Dreamy, shoegazy guitarpop from Finland. Love the vocals and the melodies are really good. ” Eardrums Music
  • “All of a sudden you’re lost inside a blissful cocoon of disorienting, fuzzy and rattling guitars, feeling like you’re in some Vincent Gallo movie shot with a 16 mm camera while you’re moving in slow-motion with the world spinning around you” In Between Songs
  • shares an affinity with the best music made with guitars, drums and bass.” Nordic By Nature
  • “Gloriously agitated & fuzzy pop bolide spiced with boosts of sparkling guitar firework.” Turn Up The Volume
  • “This is a band on a journey, and the path has led them to a good place. If you love guitars and melody, this album is one you shouldn’t miss.” When You Motor Away
  • “yksinkertaisessa melodiankuljetuksessaan mestarillinen 1998, jossa tiivistyy kaikki se hyvä, minkä vuoksi Black Twigiä on viime vuosien ajan hehkutettu. Se on myös oivallinen tutustumisbiisi niille, joiden korvia bändin musiikki ei ole aiemmin tavoittanut.” Soundi
  • A description that can not deny a certain esoteric character. Musically this manifests itself in a much more airy overall sound. Black Twig sound like fallen out of time, wrap themselves in a retro look with a slight 60’s character and psychedelic influences. ” White Tapes
  • “The immediacy and simplicity show throughout the album, with the songs flowing at a fast pace, but always sounding very relaxed. Despite a few interludes of fuzzy guitars, Black Twig always puts melody first at all times…Blaze On A Plain, is one of my favorite indie albums ever to come out of Finland.” Glue/Rosvot

Some other Black Twig press quotes

“If you were a fan of Paper TreesBlack Twig continues to walk the tightrope between harmony and visceral distortion, satiating feral and cerebral urges without the overindulgence on Heliogram. ” Autumn Andel, Prefixmag

second outing Heliogram is cut from the same cloth, more Teenage Fanclub-ish, less direct melodically and sports a fantastic, enveloping, in-the-room production” Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk reviews Heliogram 5/5 (in Finnish)

Radio Helsinki (interview in Finnish)  (Pastel Blue)

Sue (interview in Finnish)

The Nordic Playlist “Not necessarily a brand new band, but certainly one with grand ambitions of world domination in 2014” (interview in Finnish)

“Fuzzy shoegazey goodness”  Off The Radar (USA)

re Lake Song “it’s a 90’s indie scorcher that could have had a place on a Sonic Youth record.” Chromewaves Radio (USA) 

“Black Twig’s Paper Trees is an elegant indie rock taking Eighties psych-sters The Rain Parade and making them over Teenage Fanclub style. “Death Scene” and “Antichrist” are amongst their concerns. Paper Trees is lovely, misty album.” Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk (UK) 

Paper Trees seemingly goes all over the place, from screeching post-rock to quieter moments of blissful pop, and yet it’s tied together so well that you’ll hardly notice the change in mood from one point to another. ”  Austin town Hall (USA)