The New Tigers


The second New Tigers album is called “The Badger”. After the first album The New Tigers played a huge amount of shows in Finland, Scandinavia and the UK, to name but a few places. World and elsewhere. New songs were cooking meanwhile, as was another thing: the line-up change. The beloved drummer Kece was drafted by the United Nations and moved to Geneva in Switzerland. The band found the right man to take his place in no time: Ville Hopponen, the lead guitarist of Cats on Fire is also one helluva drummer! On “The Badger” the drummers split duties – you get some of that guaranteed Tiger beat, as well as the new groovy drum stylings. “The Badger” presents a new wider spectrum of songs. The first album was often compared to sitting next to a jet engine listening to a wonky Walkman. This time it’s more like a hydrocopter, or maybe an amphibious car. The music doesn’t operate only in the air, but also in water and on ice. Lots of glockenspiel was added to the musical soup, as well as different tempos, more varied guitar noodling and and a tiny tiny dash of sophistication. “The Badger” is released by Soliti on the 20th September, 2013 on cd, vinyl and digital.

Selected Press

7 Bit Arcade Band of The Day (Nov. 2013)

When You Motor Away “ The Badger is the sound of a band growing up in fine style.”

The Line Of The Best Fit Interview

Lyrics On My Wall Interview Sept.2013.

The Arts Desk (UK)  “Turku’s The New Tigers win with a late-Eighties indie-influenced twinkly guitar pop. Equal parts My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500, The Pastels and Sarah Records, The New Tigers rewind the calendar with gusto and charm.” Kieron Tyler

Prefix Mag August 2013.

JaJaJa Interview April 2013

Prefix Magazine ”We hope The New Tigers keep up their restless energy and liberate more from tracks from their upcoming record before the snow returns to blanket Finland.” Autumn Andel, April 2013

Austin Town Hall “ there’s a playful attitude that wraps itself around the ramshackle drumming and ringing guitar sound. I like the fact that the group is still sticking to writing longer songs, at least that’s what’s evidenced here; it allows for various movements within each song, which always excited me.” August 2013

When You Motor Away  These guys write greats songs, have a great sense of melody, and wrap it all together in a fuzzy guitar package” April 2013.

Ja Ja Ja (Secondary City)

Indie London Review ”There’s a lot to like on The Badger.”

Austin Town Hall (Secondary City)

Prefix Mag (Secondary City)

One Chord (Secondary City)

Jungle Indie Rock (Secondary City)

When You Motor Away ”If you don’t haveThe Badger yet, this video should serve as your reminder.”

JaJaJa (Don’t Know Where To Go UK video premiere)

Prefix  (Don’t Know Where To Go)


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In case you need reminding, Soliti is having it’s own happening tomorrow (Saturday 30.08.2014), SOLITFEST at Kalasataman, Konttiaukio, Helsinki. Live sets from The New Tigers, Astrid Swan (duo), Black Twig, Black Lizard, BIG WAVE RIDERS, Gim Kordon, Ghost Of Jack Nance, Delay Trees, Prince of Assyria. Dj sets from Rosvot. FREE ENTRY! Come and have some fun. It’s recommended you bring your own alcohol if you’re that way […] more

Dates For Your Diary, Summer 2014

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Summertime and a few  of your favourite bands can be caught live in Finland this Summer. Astrid Swan After some time away with illness, we’re happy to announce that Astrid Swan has just been confirmed for Saturday 9th August at Flow Festival 2014, Helsinki as well as a duo appearance at SOLITIFEST 9.08 Flow Festival, Helsinki 30.08 […] more