The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP (Digital Download) Soliti 070


The Duplo! are releasing new music for the first time in 20 years. They successfully returned to the stage in 2016 with their original line-up.  And now The Duplo! is back for good!

  1. September 10
  2. She’s A Vegan
  3.  Jansku
  4.  All My Life

All tracks written by The Duplo!

Sävellys: Aleks Duplee, Lars Duplee, Waikiki No Tom Tom
Sanat: Aleks Duplee

Laulu, Kitara ja akustinen kitara (Jansku) : Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala)
Basso: Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä)
Rummut: Waikiki No Tom Tom (Jani Valpio)

Recorded and produced by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
Mixed by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
Mastered by: Markus Leminen