Soliti Five Years: My brain hurts a lot (Soliti 056)


  • Digital download of seven track compilation.
  • 1.  Delay Trees: Our old centre back (Cats on Fire)
  • 2. The New Tigers: Pastel Blue (Black Twig)
  • 3. Cats Of Transnistria: Heaven In You (Black Lizard)
  • 4. Astrid Swan: Härkä ja Paimen (Puunhalaaja)
  • 5. Black Twig: World’s Greatest Actor (The New Tigers)
  • 6. Black Lizard: Good Night (Cats Of Transnistria)
  • 7. Love Sport: Rabbit Catcher (Astrid Swan)

Soliti Five Years artwork by Onni Hyöty.

Album Mastered by Markus Leminen.

Album title triani/jasu.