Local Al : EP2 (Soliti 075) Digital Download


Aleksi Pahkala aka Local Al, known for his bands Gim Kordon and The Duplo!, returns with something new and different. Aleksi is a recognised human rights activist, a journalist, DJ and a former music director for Radio Helsinki, as well as tastemaker at the late great Stupido-Shop.

The second installment of the EP trilogy released via Soliti during 2019, EP2, saw daylight in 30.8.2019. Whereas the first EP dealt with life and love, EP2 takes a more brutal approach lyric-wise, discussing western hypocrisy and criticizing the human rights situation in the world today.

Local Al’s quirky music combines a fascination with the singer-songwriter aesthetic combined with electronic moods, lo-fi indie/pop, dub, garage rock and even Local Al’s native Suomi-pop.

Local Al : EP2 (Soliti 075)
1. Meitä tarkkaillaan
2. Maailma palaa
3. Aikamme lasku
4. Joskus on parempi olla aivan hiljaa

Written, composed, arranged and produced by Aleksi Pahkala
Mixing: Aleksi Pahkala
Mastering: Philip Granqvist