Local Al : EP1 (Soliti 074) Digital Download


Aleksi Pahkala, known for his bands Gim Kordon and The Duplo!, returns with something new and different. Aleksi is a recognised human rights activist, a journalist, DJ and a former music director for Radio Helsinki, as well as tastemaker at the late great Stupido-Shop. Now Pahkala surprises with his new solo project, Local Al.

Aleksi Pahkala’s Local Al publishes an ep trilogy, with the first ep released on Friday, 31.05.2019. EP1 deals with life and love, the second ep’s themes cover the state of the world and the third ep deals with death, longing, solace and finally love again.

Local Al’s quirky music combines a fascination with the singer-songwriter aesthetic combined with electronic moods, lo-fi indie/pop, dub, garage rock and even Local Al’s native Suomi-pop.

Local Al : EP1 (Soliti074)
1.En luovuta
2.Tuolla on vanha kotini
3.Selkään puukkoja
4.Nämä rannat kuuluvat meille

Written, composed, arranged and produced by Aleksi Pahkala
Mixing: Aleksi Pahkala
Mastering: Philip Granqvist