Gim Kordon: Vieläkin on Ikävä


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Gim Kordon 7inch

Side AVieläkin on ikävä

Side B: Oonko muistanut kertoa, kuinka paljon suo rakastan 

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Weight 42.7 g
Dimensions 17.78 × 17.78 cm

Gim Kordon release their recent single Vieläkin on ikävä on a limited 7″ (only 100 copies) on #RSD15.  The 7″  not only boasts the recent single but new song Oonko muistanut kertoa, kuinka paljon suo rakastan and a lovingly hand made sleeve. The Gim Kordon #RSD15 release was put together by our friends at Royal Mint Records. All orders ltd to one copy each (we only have select numbers of these available)

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