Cats of Transnistria : Opium (Soliti 065) Digital Download/CD


The album title Opium refers to two points of reference – Cats of Transnistria vocalist Henna Emilia Hietamäki expands on this: “Firstly, it depicts the atmosphere and the impact of the album. One of the ambitions behind our slowly pulsating music is to soothe the nervous system. The second meaning can be found in the repeated themes behind the songs: hedonism, escapism, addiction and losing oneself.”

The album was recorded and mixed by guitarist and sound designer Tuomas Alatalo. Being in total control of the recording process is a further step for the band in widening the soundscapes and being even more specific to the world Cats of Transnistria are creating. In addition to Hietamäki and Alatalo, the violinist Sanna Komi is featured on the album, adding profound beauty through her string arrangements.

The  CD version is very limited edition.

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Cats of Transnistria : Opium (Soliti 065) Released 2nd February 2018.

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