A brother, a sister and a friend — Paperfangs is a collective of three daydreamers from Helsinki and Tampere. Their inspiration comes
from old movies, visual arts, geometric shapes, late night biking trips, vintage girl groups, chamber pop and shoegaze as well as the latest indie gems.

The result is a collage of audial, visual and audiovisual — both old and new, carefree and bittersweet.

After their self-released ep AAVVAV (digital and cassette) Paperfangs is working on their first long player with Soliti.


Album reviews

“”Ten perfect nuggets of dream pop to get you through the last of the winter. You owe it to yourself to investigate Past Perfect.” (USA)

“Here’s hoping this closeness will keep them producing such impressive music for a long time.” 78/100 (USA)

NRGM 73/100 (FI)

Past Perfect by Finland’s Paperfangs is a debut LP worthy of note” (USA)

Yle Svenska (Fi)

“This is one of the great works of the first quarter of the 2013″

“”Their music is soft, it lulls you in your slumber. Synths are fluid, the few catchy guitar notes and drums guide you in your dreams and you find yourself thrown into a colorful world.” (France)

“”The more you allow yourself to uncover and dream with the album, the more emotional benefits you’ll get, allowing you to spin the record for hours on end.” (USA)

“One can imagine being a transient, strolling through a Nordic town as the withering winter surrenders to the budding spring, absorbing senses and sensations that self-constructs into affecting vignettes but oh so fleeting… Sweet without being syrupy, pleasant without being dull, Paperfangs’ synth-swathed baroque pop gently soars and falls with the rhythm of life.”

Artist of The Day :“Past Perfect” is an enchanting album with hints of eighties electronica & elements of early New Order, all packaged around half-spoken half-sung male vocals with occassional female backing.  Whilst “Bathe In Glory” is the most accessible track, there’s also a darker more menacing edge on tracks like “Darkling I Listen” and “Widow’s Song” that gives the album a variety of moods and effect.” (UK)

“Sweet, quiet and minimal electronics, from the Lovely laidback Indie pop Division Of Solti labeled Paperfangs.Try their dreamy and innocent debut set of Past Perfect. Just great. 5/6″ (Norway)

Skenet  (FI)

Rumba 3/5 (FI)

Soundi 3/5 (FI)

Radio Helsinki morning album of the week (FI)


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Times are tough and pockets are tight. So, with this in mind – plus the fact we get lots of requests from fans all over the world asking about the availability of Soliti releases digitally in their respective countries, we’ve decided to take some action. From today, almost all of our releases will be available […] more