Watch Gim Kordon’s Vladimir video

To celebrate Helsinki Gay Pride Week, Gim Kordon release their new video for the single Vladimir.

An open letter to Vladimir Putin 

Take it easy Vladimir and let all the flowers bloom. We wonder how our neighbours treat their gay public? With terror? It’s likely our video would never be published in Russia, as you put the fear of god into any dissenting voices. To Quote Pussy Riot “What are you afraid of Vladimir?” Why not take it easy and join us in this dance. Gim Kordon, June 2014

Personally, we here at Soliti have never seen Mr. Putin looking so good.

Helsinki Pride

Listen to Vladimir at Soundcloud


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Announcement: Soliti Fest, this August in Helsinki.


We’ve been missing the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the spontaneous and the fun of it all. So to make up for this, we’ve decided to throw a party. On the 30th August 2014 we’ll be having our own little festival day in Helsinki, SOLITI FEST.

The festival will take place at Konttiaukio, and will feature live performances from : The New Tigers, Astrid Swan, Black Twig, Black Lizard, Big Wave Riders, Gim Kordon, Ghost Of Jack Nance, Delay Trees,  guest DJ’s and more. Oh yeah, and it’s free to get in. Yes you’re welcome. Mark this date in your diaries and tell everybody!

thenewtigers-august2013Mikko_Rasila_Astrid15BWblacktwig_5_large_hires_PHOTO_ONNI_NIEMINENBLACKLIZARD_PROMOPIC1_JUSSI_NYGRENOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGim Kordon2JACKNANCEPHOTOdelay_trees_promo_2013_2-small


Listen to all these artists over at our Soundloud page. More info:

Soliti Fest poster design Teppo Meriläinen.


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Watch Prince Of Assyria’s new video for Bring Along Joy

Prince Of Assyria‘s Changing Places album was released in Finland in April, here’s the first video from the album, directed by Timo Wright, a media artist and documentary film director. The video get’s a Finnish premiere via music magazine Rumba.

Ninos Dankha, the driving force behind Prince Of Assyria gives his thoughts on Bring Along JoyThis song is about the feeling of not being  in control. Losing your self to the unknown feeling of new emotions. It can be something that your body is yearning for, or even trying to get rid off. The confusing part in this state of mind, is recognition of love or just a feeling total submission to something I can´t  understand…. it never stops growing, once you start thinking about it.”

Video director Timo Wright describes the concept behind the video for Bring Along Joy“The idea comes from love being a cloud; stormy weather, solid yet ethereal, rolling from the horizon, full on forms and interpretations.” 

You can listen to Bring Along Joy via our soundcloud page

Prince of Assyria’s Changing places is out now in Finland. European release later in 2014, with the promise of new Finnish shows this coming Autumn.

Listen to Changing Places via Spotify (click the cover)

POA album cover

Some words on Changing Places: Papa, PVG, Substance Is Meaningless, Nyt, Subjectivisten, Songtreat, Slow Show,


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Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations (Soliti 026)


We’re celebrating the third birthday of Soliti with a free 8 track compilation of new material and rarities from most of our roster. Welcome to Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations. Congratulations as it’s our birthday (and we’re proud to have made it this far) and commiserations (we’re getting older!)

We’re double celebrating as Soliti welcomes our new signing Ghost of Jack Nance to the label. Starting the compilation you’ll find the band’s’ first recording for the label, You Never Come Around Anymore.

Also featured are tracks from Black Lizard, Prince Of Assyria, Delay Trees, Gim Kordon, Astrid Swan, Black Twig & The New Tigers.

Congratulations and Commiserations also features a specially designed collage from Onni Nieminen, sticksman with Black Lizard and renowned artist.

A big thanks you to everyone who has supported Soliti over the last three years. Here’s to us, you and the future!

You can download the compilation here and stream it from soundcloud.


  • 1.Ghost Of Jack NanceYou Never Come Around Here No More
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am schizophrenic and so am I”
  • FB


  • 2.Black Lizard: Suicide & Other Drugs
  • “This song was made for movie that our friend was making. Movie never came out but song is still here.”
  • FB


  • 3.Prince Of Assyria: At The Gates Of Central Bank
  • “This is an interpretation of Jacques Brel’s song, Amsterdam. It´s actually a combination of Jaques version and a later one made by, David Bowie. I tried to update the topic to something that felt more suitable for this time of age.  So by changing it´s lyrics a bit, I feel that the song can pinpoint the same heartless society we are living in. Maybe by writing about it, I can make a change.”
  • FB


  • 4.Delay TreesPerfect Heartache (demo)
  • “Most of the demos of Readymade had the raw, sketch-like quality we tried to capture and maintain on the album. In our opinion this demo of Perfect Heartache captures that carefree vibe perfectly.”
  • FB

Gim Kordon2 

  • 5.Gim KordonEi Ole Helppoo (acoustic)
  • “Acoustic version of Gim Kordon’s first single Ei ole helppoo from their TOP 20 debut Ei ole helppoo. Recorded in a closet.”
  • FB


6.Astrid Swan: Four Months To Kill (early version)
“This is a very raw version of Four Months to Kill from the day it was born (if I remember correctly).I’m kind of in love with the melody here, because it has quirks that I straightened out later on and the tempo is lulling here, never hurried. Also, the lyrics in the chorus are different, maybe better than in the album version. Happy birthday Soliti! “


  • 7.Black Twig: On White (Swans At Tea EP version)
  • “This is an early and a bit rougher version of On White. We recorded it for our first EP, which has been out of print for a long time. New version of the song can be found from our latest album “Heliogram”.
  • FB


  • 8.The New Tigers: World’s Greatest Actor (live)
  • “This wild, extended live version of World’s Greatest Actor (an oldie from the first album) was recorded live at the band’s home arena, Turku’s Dynamo, in may 2014.”
  • FB
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Manna joins Soliti, releases new single/video for Troublebirds

MANNA- promo two smaller

We’re delighted to welcome Manna to the Soliti family of artists. We’ll be releasing Manna’s forthcoming album in the Autumn of 2014.

As a special taste of what’s to come, new single Troublebirds features Manna’s soulful vocal delivery accompanied by a stripped down arrangement​ of just piano, guitar & strings. Decidedly in the now, Troublebirds gives mood and​ expression space to enchant​

Watch the video for Troublebirds

music & lyrics : Manna
Creative concept & Editing: Ville Malja & Anssi Nordberg / Rairai
Filming: Einari Vuorinen
Colorist: Veikko Ruuskanen / Toast Post
Make-up: Maria Väisänen

Troublebirds is available to buy from the 2nd June (via usual download stores) and streaming services from the 6th June.​

Buy Troublebirds from iTunes

Promo pictures by Chris Vidal
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    Astrid Swan

    09.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Big Wave Riders

    18.07. Positivus Festival, Salacgrīva, Latvia
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Black Lizard

    28.06. Provinssirock, Seinäjoki
    12.07. Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu
    20.07. Wasteland Festival, Kouvola
    02.08. Tikkurila Fest, Tikkurila
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    14.09. 6. linja, Helsinki (+Pink Mountaintops)
    01.10. Malmitalo, Helsinki

    Black Twig

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Cats On Fire

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    Delay Trees

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Gim Kordon

    18.07. Ääniwalli, Helsinki (+ Teksti-TV 666, The Liebelings)
    06.08. Radio Helsingin Kesäklubi, Bar Loose, Helsinki
    10.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki


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    The New Tigers

    19.07. H2ö Festival, Turku
    09.08. Kuutio- Kaupunkifestivaali , Kerava
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki


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    Prince Of Assyria

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    05.11. Le Bonk, Helsinki
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    08.11. Bar Kuka, Turku
    7.11. Friday I’m in Love!, After Eight, Pietarsaari
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