Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders © Tekla Valy

Big Wave Riders hail from Helsinki, Finland. They are inspired by waves, echoes and experimental rhythms with an electronic touch. Big Wave Riders are influenced by the music that touched them most when they were teenagers. To quote Big Wave Riders : “Our music is not trying to fit into any certain genre. We make music without mathematics or accurate calculations. The songs are fast, slow, rhythmic and with variety”

BIG WAVE RIDERS are : Teppo vocals & guitar, Aleksi bass & bvoc, Anssi guitar & bvoc, Pete drums, Lauri sax & synth.


Austin Town Hall 4/5 4/5

Vertigo 4/5

Levy päivässä 9/10

Sue 8/10

NRGM 78/100

Nordische Musik 4/6

Beats per minute 71% 3.5/5

Lammas Zine 3.5/5

Soundi 3/5 3/5

Rumba 3/5

HS Nyt 3/5 “I recommend that you do buy as it is one of the best releases this year.

KSML ”Vaikka orkesteri pelaa hyvin pitkälle loppuun asti mietittyillä soundeilla, niin pääosaan nousevat kuitenkin hyvät sävellykset.

We Never Stood A Chance ”Life Less Ordinary on hyvä ja vahva debyyttialbumi.

Stupido Shop Alkusyksyn ehdottomasti hienoimpia indiepoptapauksia tässä maassa.

All Scandinavian ”Big Wave Riders have their sound and expression down….. ‘Life Less Ordinary’ is still a solid first stab at world domination.”

All Ears ”Life Less Ordinary on hyvä debyyttialbumi…Sävellykset ovat vahvoja, eikä levyltä jää soimaan päähän sanat vaan ulvovat kitarat, tarttuvat synat tai voimakas basso.”

Soliti now on Bandcamp

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Times are tough and pockets are tight. So, with this in mind – plus the fact we get lots of requests from fans all over the world asking about the availability of Soliti releases digitally in their respective countries, we’ve decided to take some action. From today, almost all of our releases will be available […] more

Download the Soliti Zip Vol. 3 & best of lists

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Around this time of year, you can call it a custom if you like, we round up some of our single releases from  2013 into one handy zip file. So, welcome to the  Soliti Zip Vol.3 (Soliti 022) The zip contains tracks from Black Twig, Astrid Swan, Black Lizard, The New Tigers, Delay Trees, Paperfangs & […] more