Soliti is a Helsinki based record label.

Soliti works with the following artists : Black Twig, Cats On Fire, Astrid Swan, The New Tigers, Paperfangs, Delay Trees, Black Lizard, Gim Kordon, Manna, Ghost Of Jack Nance, LOVE SPORT, Oceans, Cats Of Transnistria, MumrunnerPuunhalaaja, The Duplo! , The HolySonic Visions, Frank Frank Frank, Verandan, olli and Manalishies

demo policy:

we are overflowing with artistic goodness. Not taking anything else on right now.

Soliti is distributed in Finland by Playground Music:

For further Soliti inquiries contact:
triani.nick (at) gmail.com

Our sister service is Soliti Promotion

Soliti Promotion inquiries contact: triani.nick (at) gmail.com

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