Soliti is a Helsinki based record label.

Soliti works with the following artists : Big Wave Riders, Black Twig, Cats On Fire, Astrid Swan, The New Tigers, Paperfangs, Delay Trees, Black Lizard, Gim Kordon, Manna, Ghost Of Jack Nance, Sister Flo, LOVE SPORT, Oceans, Cats Of Transnistria, Satellite Stories, Mumrunner, 23:23 , Puunhalaaja, The Duplo! & Paltsa-Kai Salama.

demo policy:

We have quite a few artists already, but if you think your material suits Soliti and might interest us please send online links to:
triani.nick (at) gmail.com

NB: Mp3/WAV files sent to the above e-mail is a big no no. Please send links.

Soliti is distributed in Finland by Playground Music:

For further Soliti inquiries contact:
triani.nick (at) gmail.com