Paperfangs Past Perfect album out now!

paperfangs past perfect

Paperfangs Past Perfect album is released today (22nd Feb.2013).

You can buy the physical album form various Finnish stores :


Stupido Shop

Record Shop X

8 Raita


All these stores ship worldwide.

Past Perfect is available digitally worldwide from various online digi stores, here’s a selection (we’d recommend you check your preferred digi store, they should have it)




7 digital

Past Perfect is still streaming till early next week over at Prefix Mag’s site

You can listen to a couple of selection from our soundcloud page too

Initial reaction to the album has been great

“”Ten perfect nuggets of dream pop to get you through the last of the winter. You owe it to yourself to investigate Past Perfect.” When You Motor Away (USA)

“This is one of the great works of the first quarter of 2013″  esdemasiadoparamicabeza (Spain)

“One can imagine being a transient, strolling through a Nordic town as the withering winter surrenders to the budding spring, absorbing senses and sensations that self-constructs into affecting vignettes but oh so fleeting… Sweet without being syrupy, pleasant without being dull, Paperfangs’ synth-swathed baroque pop gently soars and falls with the rhythm of life.” Prefix Mag (USA)

“Sweet, quiet and minimal electronics, from the Lovely laidback Indie pop Division Of Solti labeled Paperfangs.Try their dreamy and innocent debut set of Past Perfect. Just great. 5/6″ Oslo Indie Office (Norway)

Read an interview with Paperfangs over at Louder than War, where the band were Artist of The Day

Solit Club 27 feb

Come to the album launch show next Wednesday at Bar Loose, Helsinki, as Paperfangs play the inaugural Soliti Club

Event Facebook

Soliti Club Webpage


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