Cats on Fire Announce ALL BLACKSHIRTS TO ME, New Song for Download

Cats On Fire : All Blackshirts To Me

Late last year we revealed the first notes from the new Cats on Fire album with My Sense Of Pride. Here we are a couple of months later and said album now has a title. The third proper Cats on Fire full-length album will be called ALL BLACKSHIRTS TO ME.

ALL BLACKSHIRTS TO ME has a release date in Scandinavia set to the 28th of March 2012 and there’s a bunch of live dates to go with it.

We also want to give you another enticing piece of the musical landscape that makes All Blackshirts to Me. The name of the strange, ancient but modern seafarer’s chronicle, which you can stream or download from the link below, is A Few Empty Waves.

Upcoming Shows:
23.2.2012 London Popfest, Bull & Gate (UK)
30.3.2012 Dynamo, Turku 30.3.2012 (FI)
6.4.2012 Radio Helsinki Club, Kudes Linja , Helsinki (Album launch Show) (FI)
12.5.2012 Korjaamo, Helsinki (FI)
19.5.2012 HTDJ!, Klubi, Tampere (FI)
14.7.2012 Island In The Sun, Jurmo, Åland (FI)

“Genuinely gonna try hearing a guitar not played by CATS ON FIRE without vomiting in 2012.” Neil Kulkarni The Quietus

For more information on Cats on Fire:

Cats on Fire

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    Astrid Swan

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    26.09. Gloria, Helsinki (+Black Twig)
    10-12.10. Höstfest, Jyväskylä

    Big Wave Riders

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    16.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere

    Black Lizard

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    14.09. 6. linja, Helsinki (+Pink Mountaintops)
    01.10. Malmitalo, Helsinki

    Black Twig

    29.08. Torvi, Lahti
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    06.09. Festival Días Nórdicos, Madrid, Spain
    10.09. MTV Push Pre-party, Torikorttelit, Helsinki
    26.09. Gloria, Helsinki (+Astrid Swan)

    Cats On Fire

    No upcoming shows..

    Delay Trees

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    17.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere

    Gim Kordon

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    16.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere


    16.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere
    31.10. Korjaamo (Vaunusali), Helsinki (levynjulkaisukeikka)
    07.11. Klubi, Turku (+ Yona)
    29.11. Sellosali, Espoo
    05.12. Ritz, Vaasa

    The New Tigers

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki


    No upcoming shows..

    Prince Of Assyria

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    05.11. Le Bonk, Helsinki
    06.11. Telakka, Tampere
    08.11. Bar Kuka, Turku
    7.11. Friday I’m in Love!, After Eight, Pietarsaari
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